Chocolate – Rich in Antioxidants, Taste, and History

Chocolate used to be considered an indulgence, and foods made of chocolate often go by names containing words such as “decadent,” “sinful,” and “Devil’s.” We now know that not only is chocolate “okay…occasionally,” it is good for us…in moderation, of course. Chocolate has truly become the latest hero in the fight against obesity, heart disease, […]

The History of the Jelly Belly Candy Company

The Jelly Belly Candy Company produces some of the most flavorful jelly beans with flavors ranging from buttered popcorn to cherry and everything in between. It’s a company that was started in America in 1869, just two years after brothers Gustav and Albert Goelitz emigrated from the Harz Mountain region of Germany. Reuniting with an […]

Interesting Facts About Candy

Candy, is also known as lolly. It is a confection that has sugar as its primary ingredient. Sugar confectionery, includes any sweet like sugar candy, chocolate and chewing gum. Fruit, or nuts which are coated with sugar are usually said to have been candied. Various Kinds Of Candies- Sugar candies include hard candies, caramel and […]

Baby Shower Candy

By Shari Shenkman Are you planning a baby shower for yourself or someone close to you? Are you looking for cute ideas for favors, shower games or what to serve your guests? Well, look no further than candy! There are several advantages to using candy at your baby shower. First off, it is very affordable. […]

A Brief History of the Candy Bar

Most people have had a craving for a candy bar at some point in their life. They’re easily accessible at work, at home, or at the supermarket. It can give you a “pick me up” for a burst of energy. If you’re hungry, it can curb your appetite until lunch or dinner. When you’re feeling […]

Gourmet Chocolates

Gourmet chocolates, could there be anything more decadent? There is just something about the way is melts in your mouth, thick yet extremely creamy. Surrounding your tastes buds with a sweet, sinfully passionate taste that satisfies every fiber your being to an almost nirvana like state. Yes, I do love my chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate […]

Bulk Candy Ideas for Your Next Get-Together

Halloween is easily the biggest candy holiday of the year in America. Trick-or-treaters can help themselves to over 2 billion dollars worth of sweets, on what has become the second largest commercial holiday in the U.S. behind Christmas. But Halloween isn’t the only time we consume candy. In fact, most folks eat it quite regularly. […]

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